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above the deck of expectations

Sirina Marine is a port of professionalism and reliability. We offer bespoke yacht selling, yacht management, yacht charter and new build services for discerning clients throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), via our network in Lebanon, Egypt, Amman, Jeddah and Iraq. Acting as your trusted reference point, we provide elite services shaped by attention to detail, full support and exclusivity. Our personalized touch means our services are tailored to meet your real needs. Step onboard a glamorous lifestyle

anchoring good returns

Because your yacht is an investment, professional expertise when selling your yacht makes a significant difference. The specialized brokers at Sirina Marine speed up the sales process, secure the best price for you and find you the right buyer.

Our strategic approach builds on our regional presence, impressive PR network, market evaluation forte and online and off-line marketing know-how. Results drive us.
Selling Yachts

The real experience of luxury

Owning a yacht is one of life’s great pleasures but can also be demanding and even time consuming. We are here to make yacht ownership an exceptionally satisfying experience.

The dedicated yacht managers at Sirina Marine provide reliable and comprehensive management services. These include yacht management that ensures you can enjoy the freedom of the seven seas without any hassle; charter management that generates a steady revenue flow for you; new build project management that ensures your yacht is on track from design to completion; and refit project management that entails everything from getting quotations to monitoring quality.

We go beyond to give you added value. Crewing solutions, insurance, technical support, compliance, registration and VAT, accounting and operations are all part of our high quality services. Through innovative problem solving, industry expertise, solid management structures and insight, we protect your yacht and put your best interests first.
Managing Yachts

Discover uncharted satisfaction

Spend quality time with the family. Have an adventure. Relax in style. Discover an exciting new destination. Throw the party or event of a lifetime. Chartering a yacht lets you do all this and more in unparalleled comfort and luxury.
The team at Sirina Marine is here to help you find the best yacht based on your needs and preferences. This includes private charter, event charter, corporate charter, select destinations and tailored experiences.
Our extensive list of yachts for charter, skilled captains and crew members, list of destinations, and ability to impress come together to give you access to an ocean of privilege. It’s an elite experience.
Chartering Yachts

Your ultimate route to customized exclusivity

Partnering with internationally renowned yacht builders Benetti, we make your yachting dreams a reality. Building your own yacht is the ultimate way to ensure each detail reflects your distinct lifestyle and unique taste. It’s a statement that redefines elite luxury.
Our knowledge of all aspects of shipbuilding, technology, interiors, exteriors, construction, paint finishes, layouts and other key aspects is accentuated by a focus on quality and true value.  
We work closely with you to understand your needs, preferences and aspirations. We also work closely with Benetti, key suppliers and talented designers to ensure every stage, from design to building, meets your expectations. Our expert management services and further facilitate the smooth completion of your customized yacht.
Building Yachts
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